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"I am excited to bring new leadership to the board of the county commissioners. I love this county and will provide transparent, accountable, conservative leadership for Yellowstone County." - Mike Waters
Public Safety 

We have to reduce crime in Yellowstone County.  Every aspect of the criminal justice system here in Yellowstone County and the State of Montana plays a part in this problem, and I want to leave no stone unturned to help find solutions.  That will mean ensuring we have the right number of law enforcement officers along with the right number of prosecutors, public defenders, and mental health evaluators to help the courts remove criminals from our streets.  And yes, we have to take a hard look at expanding jail capacity!

The Economy

I want to hold the line on the county’s portion of property taxes.  I will look through two lenses before I ever go to the public for additional levies for the county on property taxes.  First, is raising property taxes on a young family who just bought a home necessary for their well-being?  Second, is raising property taxes on an elderly person on a fixed income necessary for their well-being?  Unless the answer is yes to these questions, this Commissioner will hold the line against additional levies for the county on property taxes.

For Yellowstone County to grow in a healthy way for everyone, we have to make sure any county government regulations are clear, minimal and absolutely necessary.  Workforce is an issue here like everywhere else.  I want Yellowstone County to be a place where our kids want to stay and work and make a good living.  I also want to ensure Yellowstone County government operates efficiently and effectively for everyone.


I am a principled conservative Republican who grew up when President Reagan led our great country.  That’s the leadership I want to bring to the Commission.  Whether it be the future of MetraPark, supporting our Montana Agricultural heritage, or being a voice to our State and National government officials, I will seek to build trust with the public and those in County Government by listening to you and acting with integrity to represent you.

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